Horizon 2020

Love notes to the landscape Horizon 2020 by Rosie Lloyd-Giblett

First Bay

The water is clear and the rocks are layered with ancient markings Pandanus nestles on the shoreline
Through their bumpy branches I can see triangles Spaces to view the sky
Like a window pane
Capturing the sky, the water and the occasional eagle


Spikes in the mud Somewhere there is a crab
On the rivers’ edge there is soft grass to kneel Look up, then down and around
So many lines Thick and thin Criss crossed
I leave a note in the tree
Thank you for helping us breath


Gums reach high Grey, Tan and Black
Their skin sheds and lays a blanket for us to sit on Spikey grass and smooth rocks hide the creatures There is arch ways and window seats
I keep turning my lens Capture this way and that Shut my eyes
I can hear quiet whispers of nature and sky